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A Perfect Beach Bride

I specialise in beach weddings. However, our weddings are more than just a beach. Our ceremonies are held in some of the most beautiful National Park in New Zealand, with our beach weddings predominantly in The Abel Tasman National park at the top of the south island.

Each wedding brings different ideas, dreams and challenges. One thing I often have to think about and bring to the attention of my couples is the difference between a beach wedding and a traditional wedding.

For example, Girls of this generation have grown up dreaming of their big day and imagining their snow white fairy tale wedding dress. However, times have changed and the ability to be married in all sorts of unusual locations is at our finger tips.

Gone are the days that tied you down to spending your huge savings on one day, guided by tradition and family expectations. Today you can be married on your private Island, integrating it into your Honeymoon destination and combining the serenity of your special day with your perfect holiday location.

Travelling to your ideal place can bring its own problems with transporting your special dress. The traditional dress isn’t always the perfect design and like the wedding venue has evolved, so has the dress. I recently did a wedding on Paradise Beach and the bride had selected the perfect wedding dress for her location. She was able to really relax and be free to climb the rocks for the perfect photo shot, prance about on the beach and still look totally stunning. This made me realise that it would be a great idea to provide other brides with inspiration for the perfect all-round dress.

 The Dress: Select a dress that doesn’t drag on the floor. The dress with a long train will soak up the water and collect beach debris.

Consider a wrap-around dress that can easily be taken off if you wish to wear your swim suit and enjoy the water for your first wedded swim.

The Veil: Try not to have a veil that is too large, it will blow out of control on the boat or in the summer breeze and easily gets caught on the boat and in the bush.
Shawl or Jacket: Always bring something to cover your shoulders to protect you from the sun and keep you warm in the afternoon cool breeze.

Shoes: it’s easy to think you want some healed diamond studded shoes but you will kick them off in minutes and it’s unlikely you’ll have an occasion to wear them again. You would be better off saving your money, painting your toes with the sparkle and feeling the sensation of the sand between your toes. If you don’t want to have your feet naked, jandles (Flip flops) now come in very attractive varieties, which makes it more likely they will be brought out of the wardrobe again. See the not so good and better examples.

Hair: you need to really think about the style for your hair and if you want to wear it up, find a hair dresser who is perfect at her job in fixing your hair enough that it will hold against the elements. If you do want to relax and swim, your hair may suffer due to the activities. You might decide to choose to have your hair down, or in a hair brace that can be easily removed and reset. Like the before and after example below


At the end of the day it’s your day and your dream to be lived. But if you want some individual advice from a person who spends most of her time down on the beach, please give Terri and the team a no-obligation call:
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Introduction to the founder of The Dream Maker.

Terri, known as the Dream Maker lives and breathes the fresh air in the Abel Tasman, Nelson and Golden Bay region and has a wealth of knowledge and contacts to seamlessly bring your special event together.
Terri’s passion is working outside of the box and believes all her clients are V.I.P’s and gives something unique for each occasion.
Specialising in boutique events she has provided the perfect package for many overseas couples, offering pioneering opportunities and bringing together the whole experience and building wonderful and relaxing Honeymoon experience.
To get the best call Terri for a non-obligation chat or e-mail her with your questions, she is more than happy to communicate ideas.
Terri and her team is looking forwards to hearing from you.

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