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15 Budgeting tips for a Dream Wedding - New Zealand

  Angela                                               Terri

Introduction to Angela from Vision Coach

Budgeting for a Dream Wedding – A conversation with Terri the Dream Maker and Angela

I first met Angela from Vision Coach at a Business Networking International meeting some years ago and our paths keep crossing from one networking event to another.  We’ve chatted on occasion about how difficult it is for some couples to keep to a budget when planning their wedding and I felt Angela could help some of my couples with a little bit of wedding budgeting advice.

Angela offers a professional service and helps people reach their dream goals and achieve financial independence. Angela’s help can avoid couples becoming frustrated, overwhelmed or feeling stuck. Sometimes you need a third person to help you gain clarity and control so you can achieve your goals and keep control of your wedding vision.
Angela and I have seen how much stress financial worries have on individuals when planning their wedding and it’s at the beginning that you need to sit down and write a plan and a budget to help guide you through the danger of desire taking control, with the heart ruling the head in decision making.  It might be that one of you keeps a close eye on finances, while the other is far more slap happy, so it’s important to follow the agreed plan, with the help of an event planner who can also save you costs and time through experience and tried and tested products and services.

Angela knows that with education, guidelines and new systems in place and coaching, knowledge can be learnt if there is a desire to stick to a budget and she has successfully helped many people through her combined prior work in a bank, the budget world and now as a qualified Coach.
Angela and Terri can work together in creating a plan and budget that you can manage yet still pulling a beautiful day together without breaking the bank.
Our cost saving starts here with Angela’s complimentary 30 minute “discovery session” and The Dream Makers complementary consultation which will take place after your meeting with Angela, once the budget has been discussed. why not contact Angela and mention the Dream Maker Blog for some real Dream advice

Where do we start?

Congratulations on your up and coming big day! what ever the stage or time ahead for your planning there are of course so many things to think about and organize and it all costs money. What can you afford and how much will you need? This undoubtedly is personal to each couple and every situation is different. It does not have to be over the top and lavish. You can have a fabulous wedding without breaking the budget and keeping it simple. If you plan wisely. It shouldn’t be something you are going to be paying off over the next few years but neither should it be picking your wedding flowers from a run down garden and getting the guy next door to play do the video (unless he has some real talent than that’s excellent!) Considering your options within the dream you have possibly carried your whole life can be possible with careful consideration.

Things to be aware of and consider.

Questions such as "Who is paying for what"? Be clear on this so you know exactly what you will be required to pay for yourself and ticking off boxes can feel very satisfying. Talk with both families and check if they are able to contribute, get specific on the dollar amount, then add up all the contributions to create your budget. Or maybe ask them to take care of a particular aspect of the wedding (such as honeymoon, flowers, or transport) then decide what the two of you need to contribute and organize a saving plan between now and the wedding day, paying deposits to secure your products and services but also paying off a portion of the event. Some event planners or providers are happy to arrange a special payment plan, so the event can be paid of in stages.  Get serious about saving extra money for your wedding, it’s a big deal and worth some sacrifice in the short term. Eliminate excess spending, buying lunches, meals out or even stop a bad habit, like smoking can have multiple advantages and a great incentive.

Most couples do not have a dispensable income so suggesting to your guests that a cash contribution would be preferable to a gift you might not need when sending your invitations out and include a bank account number. All excess proceeds can go towards your honeymoon.

There are free wedding websites, which can also be used as an invitation, saving on mailing and printing costs, which includes all relevant information and your bank account details, or even a list of wishes that guests can pick to purchase for you. The other advantage is to add google maps for each location.

Once you have a general figure in mind and you’ve sorted out who is paying for what, then you can look at creating a realistic budget so you don’t end up running out of money. Having a plan is vital to keep control of your spending.

Other ways to save money is to follow face book pages that are dedicated to brides and grooms or keep an eye out on trade-me. Its a place you can purchase bargains from other brides but also sell on your over purchased items or props after your wedding to re-gain some of your investment.  

Using a local planner means they have tried and tested providers of all the items below and this could almost be priceless to the couples sanity.  Planning an event is a massive undertaking with an average of 18 hours work which covers meetings, travel, negotiation, budgeting and itinerary building with time lines and risk assessments to name just a few of their responsibilities. Other considerations are permits with the local council, DOC or even Iwi your Planner should have all these permits and accreditation to add confidence or at least the protocol to requiring them.

Below is a guide Angela discovered while researching this topic and it looks pretty realistic to her.

Budget Guide
Reception 48%
Ceremony 2%
Gown & Attire 8%
Flowers 8%
Entertainment/Music 8%
Photography/Video 10%
Stationary 2%
Wedding Rings 2%
Transportation 2%
Gifts 2%
Miscellaneous 8% 

We have put 15 points together for your consideration
1.       Keep diligent by tracking off what you are spending on your budget plan. Put all your wedding money into one account and pay for things from there.
2.       Ensure you shop around and bargain down prices if you can, your planner will be used to working with a budget and sourcing the price results for your buck.
3.       Is there an item you can borrow from a past bride or a family member? Not everything needs to be bought “Something Borrowed”.
4.       Call on talented friends. Singer, musician, florist or graphic designer and negotiate a useful wedding gift.
5.       Wait for sales. So the earlier you start to plan, the more deals you are likely to come across
6.       Pay attention to the fine print in contracts. Take them away and read them carefully. Don’t feel rushed to have it signed there and then. Your planner will help with this and working with a team means they know the contracts and can advise.
7.       Do you have any reward points for hotels of flight travel you can cash in on to contribute towards your Honeymoon?
8.       Skip a Saturday wedding if it’s going to cost extra, or hold a discussion to negotiate a week day or out of season event, you are in the best court as most business will be keen to hook a wedding during these less popular times.
9.       Hold your ceremony and reception in one spot as it will cut the travel time if you are paying certain people by the hour. We can recommend The Mudcastle as a great one stop shop.
10.   Cut the guest list- Terri suggest you write a guests list but then seriously pick it to bits; are people on the list because you feel you have to invite them or are they on the list because you want them there.
11.   Look closely at ways to save on printing costs. (make your own menu cards, will two shades of ink cost more on your invitations)
12.   Choose flowers that are in season and locally grown. Stick to just one or two kinds of flowers and have more greenery.
13.   Keep your menu simple but fabulous. Stick with the specialties of the season and the local providers, negotiate to let them use the professional photographs of their produce in return for a discount.
14.   When choosing a photographer make sure you own the photos 100%, so you are not caught out having to pay more money for more copies.
15.   Offer a fruit punch or mulled wine even a signature cocktail on arrival instead of a full bar. Keeping the fancy Dom Perignon for the toast only and then hold a cash bar.

The Mudcastle

Remember everything is negotiable. Don’t be afraid to discuss prices and shop around. You don’t want to be stressing about finances after the wedding because you overspent - not a good way to start your new life together as a married couple. Get advice from other couples who have recently married and see what tips you can glean from them as to what worked well.
"Happy Planning!" 
and by all means contact Angela or Terri to discuss things further. 

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