Thursday, 15 October 2015

Destination New Zealand Wedding Photography

An introduction by Saundra Johnson 

It seems like "story telling through photography" it has always been part of my life. However, it wasn't until 2002 that I had the opportunity to begin to grow my hobby into a now thriving business. It was at that time that, though word of mouth, I was  regularly being contacted to photograph weddings. I have since completed a Diploma of Digital Photography to complement my self-taught skills.

I love what I do, and I always feel incredibly privileged when someone asks me into their world to create and capture the memories of their significant life moments.

A discussion with Terri, owner of The Dream Maker and a Registered New Zealand-Nelson Celebrant and Sandra Johnson a professional Nelson Wedding Photographer October 2015.

Saundra Johnson from Boutique Photography  is one of Nelson's in New Zealand’s most acclaimed and experienced photographer I know and I always enjoy working with her and her team when planning weddings & events for several reason.  I am always appreciative of quick and clear communication during the planning stage and on the day the level of precision and professionalism, balanced with some fun while integrating with the rest of the team. As we both work extensively in the international market we often find ourselves discussing the differences of expectations from different cultures and we thought it would be a good idea to share them with you.
I asked Sandra’s in her photography experience; do couples from different countries demand different styles of wedding photography.    Her answer was a resounding ‘Yes!’  She has been privileged to shoot weddings for well over a decade, with many couples arriving in Tasman and Nelson from foreign shores.  Of course Sandra is loathed to take these generalizations too far, but she has definitely noticed some photography trends among different cultures.  
For example, whereas Kiwi’s tend to prefer a photo-journalistic style, as-it-happens sort of approach to their wedding photography, couples with an Asian origin tend to prefer a more formal pre-paired and less spontaneous approach.


Americans are typically more apt to larger displays of affection than our friends from Europe, who tend to enjoy the simplicity of walking hand in hand on our beautiful Abel Tasman Golden sands beaches.  Sandra describes the former as liking romantically-intimate images, while the latter go for playfully-intimate, the difference is subtle but critical.  It would be the difference between lying together on a sandy beach in a serious embrace, versus chasing one another along that same beach, squealing with laughter.  Both are intimate shots, but very different in nature.
American’s are inclined to be more confident and outgoing than their Asian counterparts, who tend to show more reservation.  Consequently, the former are more likely to enjoy playfully staged images such as dancing in the sand, while the latter prefer to look directly into the camera with their arms gently around each other’s waists.


Both Asians and Americans are likely to choose images with a close-up perspective, while Europeans like the photographer to ensure there is plenty of the stunning Nelson and Tasman native and natural environment in shot or even enjoy bringing in the wild life.



Mainland Europeans definitely opt for natural light while the British often prefer the glamorous effect attained with flash lighting.  Maybe it’s all those magazine-styled advertising images on social Media that influence the British’ with preference for the Top Model look.


Those from Eastern Europe tend to require long, formal, church-based ceremonies and are largely uncomfortable with the idea of kicking off ones shoes to walk along the beach.

Of course, not every overseas couple will fit these generalizations and quite often our international couples have decided to make the investment and the long journey to our New Zealand shores to pledge their love on New Zealand 100% pure soil to escape those traditions and constraints, and expectations will be different, so both Terri, your wedding planner and Saundra your photographer are experienced to get to know each couple and find out what kind of event and photographic memory you want.  Because Sandra has so much experience couples feel confident in allowing her to take control and they are always pleased to be presented with a beautiful collection of wedding photographs that covers all bases and brings in some surprises.


The point of this blog is to encourage you to question the style of photography being offered to you and we don’t blindly assume that you will appreciate the same photographic style as Kiwi’s do. Also remember that there are many wedding planners and photographers out there. So check their credentials, experience and ability to be value for money and give you the results you dream of.
Also make sure the providers you chose have all the necessary paperwork when providing commercial services in National Parks, Iwi and Council property or private property. It’s important to make sure that any impact of your wedding will be considered, from cultural, wild life, vegetation and safety for your guests and the public.  We understand budget can be a deciding factor but professional companies charge what they do because they will look out for you and make sure that every possible situation is covered in advance which is priceless in the whole picture and could save disappointment.

For further advice contact us

Watch Sandra and her team at work while photographing a wedding we did together in 2014 in the beautiful Tasman woodland used in the Lord of the Rings movie

We will insure that your event will truly will be the topping on your wedding cake!


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