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Everything for the Perfect Wedding & Honeymoon in Tasman New Zealand.

Events in Tasman New Zealand

By Terri Everett.

If it is an intimate ceremony tucked away among our stunning National Parks like the Kahurangi Mountains with panoramic views across the Tasman Bay or a soft warm sandy beach affair in the aquatic blues waters of The Abel Tasman your imagination holds no limit.

Awaroa Inlet

Mt Olympus

The Dream Maker has put in the hard yards with years of experience and expertise building an abundant team of experts in their field and our customers can confidently agree that we deliver above and beyond all their desire and expectation.

Just like the unexpected journey of The Lord of The Rings our venues and suppliers can take you through an exciting labyrinth of discovery to new heights and experience, all encapsulated in images to wow and envy into the future.

Location of The Lord of the Rings movie

Romance for any occasion is easily found her in the beautiful Tasman hills and beaches, with old time Kiwi Heritage, boutique award winning vineyards and breweries, miles of quite cycle tracks along otherwise rarely seen New Zealand out back countryside; at every stage viewing miles of fruit growing splendor and bird life.  During your stay in Tasman you’re likely to meet a few cheerful and hardworking locals of the Tasman region who welcome visitors with a few amusing stories of times gone by to add to your experience.

Langford Store Golden Bay

Hobbs Hill Tasman

Any event from a birthday treat, proposal of marriage, wedding or anniversary, The Dream Maker team can create an event unique to you, with local tried and tested contracted suppliers, we endeavor to use as much local produce and providers as possible to support our local small businesses but more importantly to give our customers the true taste of Tasman food and hospitality.

Fisherman's Island 

Tasman & West Coats Hills

So what do we have to offer you?

Venues & Accommodation: Tasman is full of interesting and quirky venues and accommodations, offering all kinds of special experiences to suit every ones ideal from the simple to the more lavish. The Dream Maker works with a select few that we can confidently recommend and work closely with to blend all services under one simple booking.  If it’s a Fairy tale Castle setting, Eco surrounds, historic ambiance or lavish comforts, we have something to suit your preference. Most of our venues are exclusive to you which adds to your WOW!

The Venues range from 2 to 100’s guests.

Celebrant: Terri the founder of The Dream Maker is an award winning registered New Zealand Celebrant and Event Manager and has a team for all occasions from Baby Naming, Marriage, Civil Union, Family Bonding, Pet Ceremonies and Humanist Funerals.  Terri holds all the required Department of Conservation permits to hold and manage events in the Nelson & Tasman three National Parks; The Abel Tasman, Kahurangi, Nelson Lakes and has other variations such as Farewell Spit and Cable Bay.  As well as this accolade Terri is the first and only Celebrant and Event Manager to be endorsed by Qualmark, the New Zealand Quality Standards for Tourism and awarded the Enviro Bronze award for their efforts for the environment they work in.

Flowers & Styling: The Dream Maker works with local florists who as much as they can grow their own flowers and foliage, combining this with styling skills and Hire Items to create your personal style in what are often very difficult venues, due to their location.

Photography & Video: The Dream Team have a few in house photographers, as well as working with independent event and wedding photographers and videographers. Imagery is a very personal preference with so many things to consider, such as budget, style, value on investment and over the years we have found our customer’s reasons differ considerably and this is why it’s important we only recommend the professionals we do in the knowledge of their integrity and team work and great results.

Transport: The Dream Maker have a great independent team of Tasman transport providers, we are excited to share our unique variety of heritage and modern motors, from cars, buses, boats and helicopter’s, easily combining other services to make your event special.

Catering: The Dream Maker has its own local catering team and as a team we have created a great selection of menu’s to suit all occasions, diets and tastes.  We believe strongly that people who have a special diet should not be an afterthought and excite in offering great options. Our mission is also to use as much local produce as possible giving our customers and your guests a true taste Tasman experience.  Our region is one of the most prolific producing raw fresh milk and cheese, organic fruit, herbs and vegetables balanced with a great variety of award winning boutique wine as well as being the only region growing hops for our famous craft beer.

Event Management: Whether your local of from afar, its always going to be a massive job to manage an event or Itinerary.  The Dream Team have all the contacts of tried and tested suppliers available at our finger tips, knowledge of negotiation and budgeting, as well as systems to keep track of each step in the planning to insure a smooth seamless event. No one can guarantee the weather or eventualities out of our control but when you have all the information and contacts at hand, a manager can be worth their weight in gold.  Its your event, you should be enjoying it not stressing about it. On average a middle sized event will take at least 18 hours planning time, can you afford that?  We offer several options to help and advise or take complete control and its free to chat!

Holiday & Honeymoons: So when your planning your holiday you can combine it with your event or while booking your event you could consider staying longer and building your dream holiday or honeymoon.  Our region is a great package for all; offering excitement, relaxation and nature or even a combination of all.  The Dream Maker can help build your itinerary and make bookings on your behalf with the associates we have and can recommend.

For further information please contact Terri on 0275268771 or contact us here

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