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Baby Boomers' Its never too late for Love & Marriage

Baby Boomers' Its never too late for Love & Marriage

As a New Zealand Registered Celebrant I am often asked to officiate many unions by couples from all over the world who have found true love later in life or want to re-affirm their love to each other once they find themselves re-evaluating their lives after parenthood.  

Their stories of struggle and expectations in past relationships through an ever changing world brings them to a time where they can now, freely celebrate their love in a simple and memorable way.  

Each wedding I officiate is special in its own right to the couple getting married but I truly love being part of the baby boomers celebration, where experience means these couples really know what the reality and legal implications involved are balanced with the love and affirmation they have for each other.  A marriage or re-affirming their vows is a statement to each other and their family and friends that what ever they have faced together or faced in the future its not alone; their is no doubt in each others trust or friendship and speaking the official vows and expressing their personal vows to each other is testimony to that. 

Having visited New Zealand with my new husband from Plymouth in the UK back in 1994 and returning to New Zealand 10 years ago to build a new life with my family, I never expected to be so close to home in our little town of Motueka. One of my most memorable couples I worked with was a bucket full of co-incidence and laughs,  I was astonished when a lively gentleman named Dave cycled up the drive and bounce into my office, shortly followed by a puffed out lady called Jane asking for a celebrant, only to discover the couple had also come from Plymouth but even more strangely had friends and places in common with me, In fact they knew our best man.

Dave's first words to me were; " I hear your a celebrant and I want to get married next Wednesday, can you do that? Of course I replied, we only need three days to create the paper work in New Zealand. When I went to mark the date on my calendar the next coincidence appeared, it was my 20th wedding anniversary.

Dave and Jane love only the simple things in life and that was exactly what they wanted for their celebration, so a stony beach wedding was planned at the Motueka Sand Spit with two good friends as witnesses. 


Their story unfolded and I soon realized I was part of a true life long love.  They first met at 5 year old in a tiny town on Dartmoor in the South of England, it was the first day of school and they stayed firm friends through out their school life until school ended and they both headed off in different directions getting married and having children but sadly both their marriages failed and almost 30 years after they first met Jane heard through the grapevine that Dave was single again and she felt compelled to write Dave a poem with entwined words indirectly asking to re-affirm their friendship. 

                                         First Day at School                 Leaving school

Their lives then took on a real adventure as friends for two years sailing the world and eventually becoming a couple.  After 20 years of courtship Dave popped the question and Jane said yes and on the 60th anniversary of the day they met (My 20th wedding anniversary) they become husband and wife. 

                                    We cycled one day, to the jeweler to say "please make these two rings into one"
We asked Gabriella "d'you know a good fella could wed us on t'beach in t'sun?"

"Hasten to see, my friend Terri, she'll fix you guys up a treat"
So back on our bikes, we cycled with might, to find her away down High street.
With a degree of elation, and some trepidation, we entered her office so posh!
She quickly agreed, despite the great speed, she'd do it...and not for much dosh.
A maid from Dartmoor! well what a score, and down to the shore we did tak'er.
She layed on some sun, we all had such fun...memories are made by t'DREAM MAKER :-)

Terri will surely fulfil all your dreams whether simple or elaborate, a nicer person to "do the honours" would be very hard to find. Halfway around the world, and by pure happenstance, we found a maid from Devon. Thank you for sharing our perfect day, & on your 20th wedding anniversary. How cool is that?

B.t.w........ for us, love is even lovlier the second time around"
Cheers Terri....Jane and Dave Hender.

Dave and Jane have obviously become friends of mine and I often see them chugging along Motueka High Street in their vintage Morris truck. Read more here: North & South Magazine

Another wonderful story was one of my first experiences in organizing a wedding in the Abel Tasman for another delightful couple Mike and Julie with a similar story of failed marriages but in another chance moment Julie met Mike in a bus stop on the way back from work.  In a news paper Julie was reading was a story on New Zealand where Julie had just returned from a trip there, New Zealand was a place Mike always wanted to visit which sparked a conversation, as the bus arrived Mike quickly wrote his telephone number on the paper in the hope Julie would call him to continue the stories he was so enjoying.  Cutting a long story short Julie and Mike got engaged and their choice of location was easy, it had to be New Zealand.

Once again I become good friends and kept in contact with Mike who has always been so kind in sharing their story.

Read more here page 46 & 47. One Smile Magazine

"Planned a Dream Wedding and got a Dream Wedding, Fantastic service,boat, Celebrant and the food was excellent. all topped of with memories that will last for ever" Regards Mike & Julie

With every celebration I am part of I feel blessed, couples arrive as strangers and leave as friends. I get to be part of one of the most important days in their lives in the most beautiful place in the world. The choices are massive, from mountain tops to glistening beaches, hop fields and orchards, lime caves and rose gardens, the list is endless, coupled with a delightful picnic and captured in film for ever.  Thank you for choosing The Dream Maker.

We've enjoyed lots of unique and beautiful moments with our more mature couples

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