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Elopement for our wedding is an option

Tips on an elopement wedding in New Zealand!
New Zealand, South Island Tasman nelson Region.

"We should just elope!" is often shouted out in frustration when planning a traditional white wedding that throws up all sorts of unexpected issues that was never considered when accepting the proposal.

But how can you go through with that? with so much to consider, "what will your parents say? will your friends think you don't care?"

Given the escalating costs of a traditional white wedding, elopement is definitely an option to combine the ceremony with the honeymoon for the same budget. However before committing to elope you should carefully balance the pro's and con's of such a decision and I would suggest you include your closest and dearest friends and family in that discussion, so they understand why you are tilting towards excluding them from your event, or maybe they can join you too?

Considerations to getting married in New Zealand.

where ever you live in the world travelling to your wedding is a great risk. You are putting all your budget and trust into people you have never met before, so it is important to do your home work. Trip Adviser is a great way to find out how a certain provider has performed for other couples in a similar situation.

Check what sort of credentials your provider has, have they got industry memberships like New Zealand Tourism orThe Celebrants Association or awards to show their performance and quality of service, under the terms of industry leaders such as Qualmark for example.

Photos by Soph Holt our Dream maker in-house photographer

Choosing to elope could be a great disappointment to some, especially to the brides mother for example, however tradition does normally mean parents help out with the budget of a wedding, so you could softened the blow if you ask them to join you, for their trip of their life time, killing two birds with one stone.  They can enjoy being part of the wedding and then disappear to enjoy their own holiday while you enjoy your honeymoon. When you all return home you can exchange relevant stories.

Once settled back home, you can plan a party, where guests are asked to bring a plate to share to help keep costs down and the bride & Groom can wear their wedding attire again, with a rolling slide show or video of your event, bringing a true sense of atmosphere of your day into your home.  

We can arrange traditional New Zealand Flax flower bouquet and button hole and offer a service to pack up the flowers in a box and mail them back to your home address as a keep sake and to enjoy on your party night. 


You can also hold your speeches at the party, with so much to share and compare.

Your budget could be the deciding factor and I suggest you make up a dummy budget of costs to hold a traditional white wedding at home and compare it to the dummy costs of travelling to New Zealand for your wedding, remembering that this also is combined with your honeymoon.  Really think about what you need to invest in, dump the flash car for example to invest in a really good photographer, who can encapsulate your emotion with the beauty of the New Zealand back drop. Those pictures will undoubtedly be envied. When they see your beautiful photos and the delight on your face around the table, they will all wonder why they didn't do the same?

Photographer: Sandra Johnson

Reasons why you want to elope

Most couples who decide to look else where from their local parish have a need to make their commitment in privacy and without month of fuss and worry. The costs of running away for an intimate wedding ceremony with an option to blend their honeymoon in one can cost considerably less than dividing the two events, some couples have to opt out of a honeymoon to keep within their budget, yet this could be seen as important to a successful marriage as the ceremony itself and will never really be re-claimed if not enjoyed soon after the wedding.

The question of who to invite is so difficult and I often hear couples deliberating who and why certain people should be invited and often its "Because they invited us to theirs" This is a huge cost to consider when those people are not necessarily of such importance for a very personal day.  Eloping means you don't up-set these people for excluding them and can still invite them to a BYO party on your return.

Family discussions can become quite heated and common place around planning a wedding everyone has their pennies worth to add and this often shrouds the true reason for the event.  Taking this out of the picture, can save a lot of heart ache and possibly life long fude.

There is something old fashioned and romantic about running away to another country to be married but it often associates with trouble of some kind, a partner not accepted by the other family, an unexpected pregnancy, however this is no longer a social issue or war between two religions and of course the fast love and passion that can over shadow the reality of life.  I see more often these days older couples escaping to New Zealand for their big day. One couple recently didn't even tell their family and friends and booked me on April Fools Day, Of course they still didn't believe them until they posted a photograph of their celebration.

Awaroa Bay Abel Tasman

With the new laws for same sex LGBT legal marriage we find ourselves providing services for same sex couples who still can't be legally married in their home town and we pride ourselves on a welcoming philosophy, we also find couples who have too many restrictions in their home town and want the freedom to marry in a location without religious or council ties.  We've even had couples who did the paper work in their own country at the local registrar but continued to travel the miles and enjoy everything included in a wedding but the paper work on the day.

Awaroa Inlet

What ever the reason that brings you to the final decision of an international wedding is ultimately your decision and can give you a great foundation for years of memories.

New Zealand is a smorgas board of choice but one place to really consider is the Nelson and Tasman region. It has so much to offer with three National Parks, which include mountain tops reaching out to the beautiful sandy beaches. There are so many unique locations but if your going to travel that many miles you will want the location to be special, maybe famous, like Lord of the Rings or Hobit film location or unique like a Maori heritage site?  However its not quite as strait forward as that, so make sure the providers you use have the necessary Department of Conservation documentation and permits.

With the savings you make, you can budget for some really exciting extra activity and maybe a unique wedding accommodation like The Mudcastle if your bringing some family and friends, with an entire castle hire.


 Or maybe a place for two

Some people go to the extreme and combine their activity while saying their vows.



In New Zealand you're only required to be in the country for three days before the wedding ceremony date, with this simple registration system, it again adds to the hassel free planning, leaving you fresh and excited for your personal occasion.  The Dream Maker team can be contacted for further advice and planning support. We can be your feet on the ground and with our tried and tested contracted suppliers you can feel confident that your day will be perfect.

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