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an a New Zealand Marriage Proposal?

How do I plan a New Zealand Marriage Proposal?

As we grow from being young, frivolous and free flying in our single lives, love often hits us like an unexpected bolt from heaven and completely engulfs us into a brain explosion of emotion with an uncontrollable pulsating heart turning most of us into slush.  This love can take a sudden turn into the next milestone of our lives or in some cases take time to evolve, occasionally years to mature to a point of permanent commitment.

Whatever your experience or personal circumstance there comes a time where you consider marriage, this can just emerge into a mutual understanding which misses out the classic proposal of marriage ritual but for others it’s a real statement of devotion and love for their beloved and they want to go all out to make it a moment to remember like no other.

The next question is; where do I propose, How do I pop the question, what’s the budget for my proposal, is it too much or not enough, is it something I can do on my own or do I need help?  These are all questions that need careful consideration and planning and it’s only you who can really make the final decision looking at all priorities however it’s not a burden you need to deliberate alone. As professional event managers we love a challenges and are thrilled to be part of your journey.

The things to consider when deciding how to make a marriage propose:

·         Should I make my wedding proposal private or public?
·         Should I pop the question at home or away?
·         How do I keep it a surprise?
·         Should it be extravagant or low-key?
·         How do I chose the engagement ring or can it be a different gift?

      What ever your inclination we can help make your event a true Kiwi experience with many suggestions available, even to the personal design of the engagement ring with a New Zealand ring maker. Some couples have gone home with a native wood rings or chosen to combine a natural kiwi green stone incorporating the Maori symbol of new beginnings giving a real statement of love..
      When the couples return home with such tangible memories the adventure continues to be so real when sharing their story along with the photographs or video.

Sky High and biscuit crisp beaches


In this day and age the world is your ouster and to find a way to make this incredible statement of love can be tailored to your special someone’s character. It’s important to explore options, making sure you do not make the biggest mistake of your life together as a couple.  Arranging a sky dive for example, could be a disastrous idea if your partner is totally scared of heights.  Find out through careful manipulation and questioning if they are a person who envisions themselves being proposed to in a classic down to earth style, maybe down on one knee after a delicious meal at their favorite fancy restaurant or if they are the adventurous type who will appreciate a private and extravagant flight to a beautiful New Zealand mountain top location or if a public affirmation to announce your undying love in front of everyone you know?  You might think you know your partner like the back of your hand but with only one chance to get it right as much as to get it wrong you need to make sure they will say yes- and you want them to say it without a second thought!

At the Dream Maker we understand how stressful and difficult it can be to create the perfect marriage proposal. We have devised our services through personal experience and years of building relationships with other commercial operators to only working with the best service providers in the New Zealand industry including the Marlborough, Nelson, Tasman and Golden Bay region.  Our expertise can guide you in creating your perfect proposal, be it a quiet picnic in a flowering orchard to suit a small budget but still pitch a punch or the more lavish experience taking to the sky for a panoramic delight or in an exclusive charter boat to biscuit crisp beaches and rugged coast lines to give that dramatic approach! there is a package to suit them all.

We are a friendly team that work discretely and seamlessly together making your experience like no other; building a solid foundation and memory to start your new lives together.  With Department of Conservation permits to access and manage an event in some of the most spectacular national parks, such as the Abel Tasman  Nelson Lakes and Kahurangi, even Farewell Spit in Golden Bay we have everything covered on your behalf.

Charlie one of our team knows from experience about taking the plunge!

As a leading New Zealand event manager The Dream Maker is known to be the pillar for the partner popping the question, offering tried and tested packages and products but ensuring each event is unique to the couples we work with. We listen to the little things and create the big impact and our couples speak highly of the attention to detail and personal touches we make.  Take Mayur for example who contacted The Dream Maker from the United Kingdom, his girlfriend Kajal and he annually go on international holidays and enjoy experiencing new places.  On this particular year they decided to visit New Zealand.  Mayur realized what a great opportunity he had to make the trip even more special.  They are both business people and had little time to think about marriage proposals let alone a wedding itself but they had over time with a glass of wine talked about children, which is a pretty good indication that the person in your life was committing themselves to you forever.

As an event destination expert The Dream Maker often works with international couples like Mayur and discussion by skype or e-mailing is common place when planning an event from afar. Mayur soon understood the benefit of working with an on location event manager as we work on our customers behalf at the location of your choice. Our experience and knowledge balances the scales to guide you on which services and providers to avoid or who to have confidence in.  We also understand the pitfalls and we know the hidden gems to add that little bit of personality to suit your style.  It’s the details that matter which can be the hardest things to get right on your own from a distance, especially when your keeping such a big secrete from your significant other.

Mayur expressed the kind of experience he wanted for Kajal and the budget he had to invest in it and with some negotiations we came up with a plan.  As part of their travels they would arrive in Motueka near Nelson at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. He was to explain to Kajal that they were being picked up for a morning picnic with a group of other tourists at a nice location and the adventure took off from there, quite literally!

Adele Island - The Spit

They were taken by helicopter to a private hill that embraced the Kiwi farming character, with old rustic farm machinery and gorgeous panoramic views across the Tasman district, looking over Golden Bay and The Abel Tasman National Park across to the Richmond Ranges and shadowed by the Kahurangi National Park Mountains.  

The flight took a scenic and less direct rout over the incredible sites for a birds eye view before landing at the stunning picnic spot and the opportunity to pop the question.  With photographer at hand to catch the poignant moment  encapsulating the romance to later share with all their family and friends it’s always exciting to see the moment of nerves turn to jubilation.



Max from Germany was employed on a working visa with his Girlfriend Sandra and as the season drew to an end he felt compelled to finish with the biggest bang.  He contacted The Dream Maker with an idea but needed someone to co-ordinate the plan and make the arrangements.  The plan was hatched with a story to match and distract from the real reason and they were picked up by helicopter for a 40 minute scenic flight to one of the most incredible beaches in Tasman, near Nelson called Wharariki Beach known for its incredible rock arches and massive flat sand reflections.  Max took Sandra for a walk, while we did “Maintenance!”  Max could not have picked a better spot to pop that question and really make the biggest impact for the photographs.  No need to announce what the answer was the pictures speak for themselves.

Wharariki Beach - Golden Bay

These are just two examples, incorporating the mountains to the sea and we have many other options in all other corners and combining some great activities and services from thrills to relaxation.  Our romantic packages can be easily adapted to your special occasion be it a proposal, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, renewal of vows or just a romantic getaway.
Please see our testimonials to add further confidence to our passion and love to make your day memorable

Whatever your unique relationship whether suited to a classically romantic marriage proposal or a more out there and wacky wedding proposal, we hope you can find inspiration among our couples stories and testimonials

Terri Everett Founder of The Dream Maker
We look forwards to hearing from you.

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