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12 Proposals and a Wedding in New Zealand

12 proposals and a Wedding in New Zealand

"Your day your way"

The 2016 wedding and celebration season has been a mixed bag of inspiring and wonderful stories but this story is my chosen best for the destination NZ  experience and shows that a wedding does not have to cost $1000's of dollars.  

As written by Sin our bride, she tellsus about her incredible story of love while visiting New Zealand with her partner of 7 years from Hong Kong.

Sin & Lok 14-02-16 Valentine Day Wedding Hong Kong - Janie Seddon Motueka Terri photographer

Our beach side Valentine’s Day wedding at Love Motueka, South Island New Zealand
I would like to tell everyone that Motueka is a really good place for traveling or even have a wedding! Nice beach, nice people! Why I would like to share our story is because we meet a really nice lady, Terri Everett The Dream Maker' Celebrant, who help us to make our wedding come true!
12 times my partner proposed all around NZ
I did the working holiday in NZ for six month, after that my boyfriend join me from Hong Kong, we travel together in NZ, every time we went to some beautiful place or at some special moment, he propose to me, every time i say YES! Simple but sweet, we like the simple way. No rings no flowers but just full of LOVE. We loves NZ so much, why not getting married in NZ too?
Skyline Luge cable car(the whole line of cable car only have us cos its almost the closing time )
Love Queenstown side of Lake Wakatipu when we watching sun set
3 @Queenstown, summit of Queenstown Hill
4 @Queenstown, during the new year countdown firework
5 @Queenstown, Kawarau Bridge Relocation right after we did the bungee jump together
Lake Marian Mildford Sound on the cruises
7 @Queenstown, right after we land after sky dive
Lake Tekapo Tavern under the star night
Lake Tekapo summit of Mt john
10 Christchurch City Council he sing a love song in the voice message
11 Motueka Link Park, he sing that love song face to face
12 Abel Tasman National Park, Torrent Bay
Hello Motueka!
We don't know Motueka this place until my friend told me she is staying at here. So we stay at Motueka, got a job Talley's Group Ltd earn some money for more traveling as we are backpackers. And then we know why so many people travel to Motueka, not only the door to the amazing walk Able Tasman, but also the historical Save the Janie Seddon
Sin & Lok by The Janie Seddon
How to get married in NZ?
If you want to get married in NZ, you have to complete the "Notice of Intended Marriage application form" hand it to the Registrar of Marriage by person, wait at least three working days to get the marriage licence. Once you got the marriage licence, you can choose to get married at a registry office which takes place in normal office hours, or, you can get married by an approved marriage celebrant which can do the wedding at the time and location of your choice.
Where is the Registry office?
One day i was thinking, we will stay in this town for a while, lets do the marriage here! So i do the searching found that Motueka does have a registry office, but where is it? So strange i can not find the address at all! So we when to the @Tasman District council office in Motueka for some information, but they even don't know Motueka have the registry office and ask us to go all the way to Nelson, the bigger city near Motueka, what a shame! we had no transport.
Sure we will not give up, the next stop we try the Motueka i-SITE , luckily the staff knows someone who might help us and point us in the direction.
Hello Mrs Dream Maker!
Terri the Celebrant with Sin & Lok

The staff of i-Site give us a name and a phone number, said she is a wedding planner, her office is just on the main street of Motueka. A wedding planner? Actually we just planned to do the simple way which is get married in the registry office as we don't need a fancy wedding or can afford it.
"Maybe she can tell us where is the registry office", I was wondering when i give her a call. "Yes, I can help you, please come to my office. ", said The Dream Maker, I am here right now.
She can even be our celebrant!
When we arrived the office, a lovely lady called Terri Everett with a big smile welcome us, we told her our story and what we want to just sign the papers, but she do not allow! Terri said she can just give us the address of the registry office, but she think that is not a memorable way for the wedding after such an incredible proposal in New Zealand, although we told her we are just a backpacker, we do not have budget for a fancy wedding, she still give as an offer we couldn't refuse, which is she help us to be our celebrant, what she ask us to do is just pay it forward and to share our story to help someone also who want to get married in Motueka and don't know where to start! We are so touching!
An A+ celebrant!
For the location, Terri suggested the beach near by the Janie Seddon in Motueka, and she said the earliest day we can do the wedding is three days later, which is ..... the Valentines Day! Oh wow its perfect! such a good day!
Before the big day, Terri and i keeps contact for the preparation, run down..,etc, i can not imagine we are going to have a wedding on the beach!
Our "far from typical" Big Day

On the Valentines Day, the weather is a lovely sunny day, we invited some closed friends to join our wedding, two of them are our witnesses. After doing some paper works with our witnesses at Terri's office, we head to the Janie Seddon. Our wedding start at 6pm, Our new work friends come in beach wear, to match the beautiful beach, sun shine and the green grass. Terri welcomes everyone to begin our wedding, followed by the vows. After my fiancé he sing a loves song to me, our eyes are full of happy tears. And then we sit down, sign on the document, also our witnesses to sign, all done! We are now official husband and wife! We celebrate by an apple juice cheers, which Motueka is famous for "Fruit" taking photos and bouquet tossing of free lovely garden flowers by our land lady.
Love is all we need! and a Dream Maker of course!
All of us enjoyed our simple causal wedding, me and my husband are so happy to have a wedding in our style, we believe marriage should not link up with materials or money something like that, marriage is all about LOVE, love is the most powerful energy in the universe.
For further help and information visit or e-mail 
Useful link: - Wedding Planner & Celebrant | Event Planning
New Zealand Government, Getting married…/family-and-whanau/getting-married/
Motueka i-Site
Janie Seddon
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